Starbucks App Adds Fingerprint Support in Latest Update

If you use the Starbucks app on your Android phone, there is a new update rolling out that you will want to get as soon as you can.  Version brings a lot of updates and improvements to the app with the headline new feature being fingerprint scanner support.

The support for fingerprint scanning allows you to log in, reload, transfer balances and purchases eGifts within the app by using your fingerprint for authentication.  All of these functions were in the app prior, it just required your password each time you wanted to do one of these things.  You can still have it use your account’s password but if you have a phone with a fingerprint scanner, you can enable it to get things done quicker within the Starbucks app.

The new fingerprint scanner support is not enabled by default.  To enable it, go to Settings in the app then use the toggle to enable it.  You will have to authenticate with your Starbucks account password before it will be enabled.   You can still use your password if you want by disabling fingerprint support by sliding the toggle off.

There are update improvements in the Starbucks app that, even if the fingerprint scanner support isn’t a big deal for you, will still make this update one to get.  First, the app now updates your card balances more often so you will know your real balance more quickly. For those of you who use Chase Pay to reload your card, there are performance enhancements & bug fixes specifically for this feature.

You will also notice that if you use the Mobile Order & Pay feature that there are new animations when accessing product details as you setup your order.  When you tap on a product to order, the image of that food or beverage item zooms up to fill the top half of the screen.

The Starbucks app is a free app and available in the Play Store.



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