Microsoft Bing Update Brings App Shortcut Support

Microsoft Bing, the Redmond, Washington’s search engine and app, has an update rolling out for Android users that brings a lot of improvements.  Along with an overall improvement in the search experience, this update to Bing also brings support for Android App Shortcuts.  Now you can long press the app to open new tabs, save images, and start a new search.

Search results in Microsoft Bing are also improved with this update.  Searches are new faster with the search results being more accurate and more clearly laid out in the results view.

Part of this update to Bing has also been improvements to the app’s widgets.  You can now read headlines and scan barcodes directly from the Bing Search Widget and, in the navigation bar, you can do a visual search without having to a sub section of the app to do it.

There are, of course, other overall fixes and improvements to the app and in testing for this post, the app appears to be far more responsive (translation: speedy) than the previous build.

The Bing app is a free app and it is available in the Play Store.  Much like the Google app and Chrome, you can sync your search results across your phone and Windows 10 PC if you are using both for your search needs.

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