Chrome for Android Build 61 Released

Chrome build 61 was widely released yesterday for the desktop browser as well as for Android.  The new build for Android is 61.0.3163.81 for those keeping score at home and brings a lot of fixes, improvements and a few new features.

On the new feature front, there are two noted in the release notes from Google.  First, the translated pages in Chrome has a more compact and intuitive toolbar.  This will give a bit more reading room on those translated pages.  Second, the image picker in Build 61 is improved.  This will make it easier to pick images that you want to post via the browser.

As you would expect, Google has added a lot of security fixes, performance and stability improvements to this build of Chrome.  That alone is reason enough to get it installed on your Android device as soon as it hits your account in the Play Store.

The rollout of this build is happening now and it will take a few days to reach everyone.  Google, like other developers, tends to phase these releases out to the public so patience is key.

With the desktop version of the browser and now the Android version updated to this new build, the only outstanding question is when it will hit ChromeOS devices.  That, likely, will be next week at the latest if history has anything to say about it.

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