Chrome for Android Update Brings Various Bug Fixes

Build 61.0.3163.98 of Chrome for Android has been released by the Chrome team at Google, bringing with it a handful of fixes and improvements.  The update is now in the Google Play Store and should roll out to devices via an OTA update over the course of the next few days.

The update, as is usually the case, brings a lot of under-the-hood updates to the browser as well as security fixes.  Most of these updates are focused on stability and performance of the app.  There are, however, other fixes that are specifically called out in the release notes.

In this update to Chrome for Android, a fix is included for a bug that was causing sync initialization issues for the browser.  There is a similar fix for the autocomplete in the omnibox.  Finally, there are some fixes for some crash issues that were happening in the last update to browser.

With this release, all of the Chrome platforms – browser, Android and OS – are now on the Chrome 61 train with Chrome 62 already in beta across that platforms.  It is expected that the 62 train will start getting released in October and it brings a lot of security improvements and other improvements.  If you are curious, you can sign up for the beta of the browser in the Play Store but the hint is in the name:  It’s beta so it may not behave nicely every time.

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