Google Releases The September Android Security Update

Google has released the September 2017 Android Security Update for supported devices.  The update, as has been the norm for a while now, comes in the form of two updates.  The first update, dated September 1st, contains 33 specific updates for vulnerabilities all the way back to Android 4.4.  Of those 33, ten are marked as critical fixes.

The second patch, dated September 5th, contains a whooping 51 updates, three of which are marked as critical patches.  The second update is more driver or component specific fixes while the first patch is general Android system fixes that all devices will see.  All of the Google supported devices will receive the September 5th update.

The patches have been released to manufactures to start developing and implementing into their own Android builds.  As noted earlier this morning, Nokia has already started rolling out the September update to the Nokia 5.  Other manufactures will follow suit but when is always the big question.

For those of you who have a Google Pixel or a Nexus device, you can expect the OTA to start rolling out this week and it is likely some of you will see it later tonight.

At the time of this writing, the full update images had not been released for those who want to manually flash your devices.

For all the details on this month’s Android Security Update, head over to the Android Security site.

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