Moto G4 Plus Will Get Updated to Android Oreo After All

Last week, Motorola announced which of their devices would be getting updated to Android Oreo.  Notably, the entire G4 lineup of phones were missing and that created a bit of a raging storm for the company.  The problem was that the G4 lineup is well within the 2-year window for upgrades indicated by Google themselves and Moto themselves had indicated that the G4 lineup would get updated to the next version of Android.

Now Lenovo, the parent company of Motorola, has come back around and clarified that at least one of the G4 phones will get updated to Android Oreo.  That phone is the G4 Plus.

So now the question is when will this update roll out?  The answer is a confident who knows?  Motorola is indicating that this is an “unplanned” update as it wasn’t in their original update list.  That, to me, indicates they had no intention of updating the G4 phones and basically the shit storm of this weekend caused them to rethink things.

Here is my advice:  If you have a Moto G4 Plus, don’t expect this update until at least next summer.  The company is notoriously slow for updates anyway and they will likely update all of the “planned” devices first.

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