OnePlus Moving OxygenOS Apps to The Play Store

OnePlus has begun the process of releasing core apps within OxygenOS, their version of Android, to the Google Play Store.  This allows for the apps to be developed independent of OS releases which, in turn, makes updates faster on the apps while concentrating the major system releases on new features and fixes.

This step is very similar to what Google themselves have been doing over the past 18 months and other manufactures such as Samsung and Huawei have been doing recently too.

Just last week, OnePlus released the OxygenOS launcher into the Play Store while their weather app and icon packs have been there for a while now.  Like other manufactures, the apps won’t work unless you have a compatible OnePlus device.

The move by OnePlus is one that makes much more sense in the sprint-style development done today on apps.  Teams within OnePlus in this case can focus on the apps themselves while another team can focus on improving and optimizing OxygenOS.  It helps balance the load internally.  For consumers, it is better as they do not have to wait for a major OS build to be released to get an updated version of an app from the manufacture.

You can find all of the OnePlus app here in the Play Store.

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