Updated Google Dashboard Now Rolling Out Broadly

After being announced last week, the new Google Dashboard designed to be more mobile friendly is rolling out globally.  You can find out if you have received it by going to https://myaccount.google.com/dashboard from Chrome on your Android phone.

For those who may not know, the Google Dashboard gives you the ability to see and manage your data associated with your Google account.  You can, for example, see your activity in Gmail, Google Photos, Google News and the like.  Everything you do associated with Google can be found here and you can download your data.

The Google Dashboard has been around for a long time but using it on a smartphone was a bit of an eye chart.  Google’s updated the page now to be more Material Design in its look with larger blocks for each app or service that you use so you can quickly navigate and find account information more quickly.

As for you as a user, there is nothing you need to do to get the new Dashboard.  Google is rolling it out as a cloud-side change so eventually it will get to everyone (assuming you have it in your locale).  You’ll know once you see the dashboard that looks like the feature image on this post.

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