Chrome OS Stable Channel Sees A Small Update Arrive

A quick heads-up for readers who use Chrome OS.  You have a new update rolling out.  The new build is version 61.0.3163.123 (Platform version: 9765.85.0) and according to the release notes, will be rolling out to a majority of devices starting today.  As always, you can check for the update manually by typing chrome://help in the browser omnibar and tapping the “check for updates” button.

The update does not specifically call out any new features or fixes.  Rather, it is a bug fix and security update for the platform.  Over the past few months it has become common practice for Google to release a major update at the beginning of the month then one of these smaller, fix oriented updates around mid-month.

As you will recall, the big update this month was Chrome 61 which brought a number of changes to devices including a new lock screen, new app drawer and broader support for Android apps.  You can read my overview of it here.

The update seems to be for a wide range of devices so it is more than likely that you have the update ready for your Chromebook.  When the original Chrome 61 build was released, it was pretty limited in the devices that received it.  That expanded slowly over the course of last week with the majority of device now running it.

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