Chrome OS Update Brings KRACK Fix and Other Improvements

An important update to Chrome OS has just been released to the Stable Channel for most devices.  Build 62.0.3202.74 (Platform version: 9901.54.0/1) is making its way out now with devices that are running the App Store expected to get the update over the course of the next few days.

The update includes a number of new features or improvements but perhaps the biggest update is a patch to address the KRACK vulnerability.  In case you missed the news, KRACK was a WiFi defect that could allow someone to break the encryption on your connection – thus exposing your data effectively “in the clear”.  Google, Microsoft and Apple amongst others have been working feverishly to patch the vulnerability on their devices, which more-or-less impacted every WiFi enabled device out there.

At least from a Chrome OS perspective, this update patches the OS so that you are no longer susceptible to KRACK.

As for the other updates in this release, there are a handful that include:

  • Kerberos SSO integration for Active Directory managed Chrome OS devices
  • Ability to zoom legacy apps in tablet mode
  • Randomized Alternate Hosts for Captive Portal Detection
  • Chrome notification style & interactions refresh
  • Enhanced touch experience in Files app
  • Support for full-screen apps in Enterprise Public Session mode
  • ARC++ inbound network connections

As you can see, there are a lot of refinements here and improvements to apps handling.  All of this is aimed at the platform overall but likely more specific to the Pixelbook which will be available next week.

As is par for these types of releases, Google is not releasing the full details of everything that was fixed for security reasons but they will eventually make them know in the GIT hub for the platform.

You can check for the update manually by going to chrome://help on your Chromebook but it make take a few days to get to everyone, especially Android app running devices.

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