Google Assistant Find My Phone Feature Now Live

Yesterday during the Google product event, a new Find My Phone through Google Assistant was demonstrated.  Using Assistant on your Google Home, it can locate your phone by ringing it, even if it is in Do Not Disturb, so you can find it somewhere in your house.  The question during the demo was when the feature would roll out to everyone?

The answer is right now.

The Find My Phone feature has gone live and now you can simply go to your Google Home and say, “OK Google, find my phone”.  It will then identify the phone you are wanting to find (if you have multiple phones) and will then ask you if you want it to ring your phone at full volume.  So long as you have Find My Phone enabled on your account and Android phone, the feature works – and well.

Much like the sending information from Google Assistant to your phone that I posted on earlier, Google has created a detailed help page to guide you through the setting that you need to have enabled in order for the Find My Phone feature to work.  You can find that page here and it’s a good idea to bookmark it for later.

This new feature also supports Google Home’s multiuser functionality too.  If you and your partner have set up multiuser, the phone that is rung will be the one based on who is speaking.

I’ve been testing out this new feature this afternoon and it has worked flawlessly for me so far.  If you have a Google Home, give it a try.

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