Google Contacts Update Brings Several UI Changes

The latest version of Google Contacts for Android is rolling out in the Play Store and it is bringing several noticeable UI changes.  Version 2.2 should be hitting devices with the app installed over the course of the next few days and when it does, you will immediately notice these visual updates.

First, the contact photo for your contact is much larger in this new update, harkening back to older versions of the app when this was normal view.  Google has indicated that this was one of the most requested features of the Contacts app which is why the added it back to the app.

Second, below the contact photo, you now have large, easy-to-tap action buttons that will allow you to interact with that contact.  You can call them,

Google Contacts 2.2

Google Contacts 2.2

send them a text message, start a video call or send them an email.  When you tap one of these, it will open the default (or prompt you) app for that service on your device.

For customers who are enterprise users, there is now also a directory card which will show you that contact’s title and other work related information.

On the Suggestions part of the app, you have a couple of changes that have come your way.  First, there is a new “add people you contact often” summary card for those contacts that you contact frequently.  Second, there is a Merge all button to merge all of your duplicate contacts instead of having to do it one-by-one.

Finally, customizable labels are now available in Google Contacts, allowing you to tag you contacts them customizing your view to only show those contacts.

The update is rolling out now but if you want to download the app from the Play Store for the first time, you can do so here.

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