Google WiFi Availability Expands to 5 More Countries in Europe

Google has announced that Google WiFi is now available in five new countries in Europe.  That brings the total to 12 countries in which you can buy the easy-to-use mesh WiFi network solution.  When the solution launched, it was available in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and New Zealand.  Add to that list Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

The Google store in each of these 12 countries now has both the single and well as 3-pack WiFi solution available for purchase.

Prices of Google WiFi will vary based on country, even those who are on the Euro.  For example, in Finland the single WiFi model is €149 (about $175) while in the Netherlands, it is €139 (about $163).  For countries like Denmark, Norway and Sweden, who are on the Krone, the prices vary too.  In Sweden the cost is 1390 kr or $174.50 while it is 1090 kr in Denmark, or $172.

Like many other Google solutions, the WiFi solution is maturing with features and is one of the most popular mesh network solutions available.  Earlier this week, site blocking was enabled in the solution to filter adult material from minors.

When it comes to if you need a single or triple pack of Google WiFi, it depends on your home.  A single unit will cover 1500 square feet (139.35 square meters) while a three-pack will cover 4500 square feet (418.06 square meters).  That assumes a reasonably clear path between the hotspots so if you live in an older home or multi-story home, you may need more to cover your house.  For reference, I live in a mid-70s multi-story 1700 square foot home and have two units.

Single Google WiFi units are $124 while the 3-pack is $279

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