Made For Google Site Now Live

Google’s new Made for Google program is kicking off in earnest as the new site for the program has now gone live.  The site lists 22 different vendors who make accessories for various products like the Pixel phone lineup and Pixelbook.  Those accessories have been certified by Google as working with the device for which they are designed for flawlessly.

The site more-or-less is a landing page with links to the 22 different vendor sites.  Those links go to the accessories they make for particular devices like the Pixel, Pixel 2 or Pixelbook.  Not all of the links on the page are functional yet but that will likely change quickly.

On the site, you will find a lot of familiar names when it comes to accessories.  Belkin, CaseMate, Griffin and Invisible Shield are on the site along with DBrand, Kate Spade and Speck.  There are also some lesser know accessory makers like Aiaiai, Moshi and Panzer Glass too

Regardless of which accessory or vendor you purchase through from the site, the program is aimed to give end users peace of mind.  With the accessories certified, you can trust they will work with your device and will not damage it in the process.



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