Microsoft Edge for Android Preview Sees Performance Update

For those of you are in the Early Release program for Microsoft Edge, look for an update to hit your devices today.  The update for the Android port of the Windows 10 browser is mainly aimed at bringing stability and performance improvements to the app.  No specific items were called out in the release notes other than these general statements.

It has been widely reported by those in the testing program that the Android version of the app is slower and less stable than the preview that is available on iOS.  This update is aimed at addressing some of those issues.

I’m part of the Early Release program on Microsoft Edge and I’ve already received the update.  In my very preliminary testing for this post, the browser certainly feels faster than the original build with improved rendering speeds on pages.

For those that may have missed the news, Microsoft has ported over Edge to both Android and iOS as it continues to drive its mobile strategy of having their apps on all devices.  Edge on mobile also brings the ability to start working on a page on your phone then using the Continue on PC feature to move it over to your Windows 10 PC.  Your PC must be running the recently released Fall Creators Update for the feature to work.

If you want to join the testing program, you can do so at this link.  Remember, Microsoft Edge for Android is still in beta so you could run into performance and stability issues, even with this updated version.  Once you have signed up for the program, you can download the preview app in the Play Store (note that may take a few hours for your application to process)

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