Pay with Google Begins Rolling Out

Google has begun the process or rolling out the new Pay with Google service today.  The new way to pay in apps and sites on your phone was teased last May with the introduction of a new Google Payment API.  That API would allow developers to add to their apps the ability for you to pay using your Google account.

For consumers, the idea behind Pay with Google and this API is to make purchases frictionless.  If you go to a participating app or site, no longer will you have to fill out forms with your name, address and credit card information.  Instead, you can tap the Google button and pay for your purchases.  The API will feed all of the proper information from your Google account to the merchant to complete your transaction.

Google in their announcement of this rollout highlighted Instacart but there are lots of other apps that are in play too.  Kayak and Yelp Eat 24 are already supporting the service with Dice in the UK and iFood in Brazil also rolling out support.  AirBNB, Papa Johns and Stubhub are all listed as future integrations for the service.

As a user, all you will need to do is assure that you have the latest app from a participating developer and assure that your details in your Google account are all up-to-date.

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