Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Update Brings Netflix HDR Support

For those of you who have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, there is a new software update rolling out to you this morning.  The 256.6MB update is mostly a maintenance release, fixing some items but also bringing support for HDR on Netflix.

Before you get all excited, no, this is not the Oreo update for the device.  Samsung is expected at some point to release that update but this is not it.

The update is version T820XXU1AQ12/T820XAR1AQ12 for those keeping score at home.

The change log for the update outlines all of the changes in this update.

  • A new Samsung Pass function has been added
  • HDR support for Netflix
  • Update for Samsung Keyboard
  • Changes to the preload type mean that Kids Mode can now be re-installed onto devices from which it had previous been removed.

Most of these changes are to help improve the functionality of the Galaxy Tab S3 but the addition of HDR support for Netflix will be a win for many.  The S3’s display is one of the best out there and having support for the rich experience of HDR will make that binge watching all-the-more eye pleasing.

The update is rolling out now so if you have the tablet, you can expect the update to hit you over the course of the next few days.


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