Google Assistant on Home Can Responds to Two Commands at Once

Google Assistant on Google Home has picked up a nice new feature that allows you to give it two commands at once.  To this point, when you wanted to ask Assistant for something, you had to ask it one command at a time, even if they were associated with each other.  For example, you could ask, “What is the temperature outside?” but you would have to wait until it gave you the temperature information before you could tack on, “Do I need a rain coat?”   Now you can issue those commands as one single command joined with the conjunction “and”.  Now I can ask, “What is the temperature outside and will I need a rain coat?”

Not all commands work this way yet and not everyone is seeing this new functionality.  It is a cloud-side change on Google’s part so it is a matter of it making its way to Google Assistant on your account.

The value here is pretty straightforward.  By allowing the linking of commands, it makes the interaction with Assistant more conversational and natural.  While it isn’t perfect, it is a good step in Google’s desire to have Assistant act more natural and your interactions with it more natural.

It should be noted that this new ability in Google Assistant is only available on Google Home.  Assistant on your phone does not support this linking of commands – at least not yet.  I suspect Google is wanting to slow roll this so it may be a bit before we see it on our phones.

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