Google Assistant Now Available in Singapore English

Good news today for those who live in Singapore and have Singapore English as their language on their Android phones.  Google Assistant now supports you!  The addition of Singapore English comes on the heals of Spanish and Italian being added a few weeks back and while the roll out of language support has been slow, at least some progress is being made.

For those of you who have Singapore English as your default language on your phone, there isn’t anything you need to do.  If you have Google Now on Tap, you will automatically be moved over to Assistant once it rolls out to your account.  You’ll know you have it when you long press the Home button on your phone and you get Assistant instead of Google Now on Tap.  This should work on any Android phone running Lollipop or later.

It should be noted that Singapore English in Google Assistant right now is only supported on phones and not other devices like TVs or Google Home.  Support for other devices may be coming later but that was not indicated by Google.

With the addition of Singapore English, there are now six English variants supported by Assistant:  Australian, Canadian, Indian, Singaporean, UK and US.  Other non-English languages supported are French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese (BR) with Google committed to bringing to more in the future.

The update to bring Google Assistant to Singaporeans is rolling out now and could take several days.  The best way to check if you have it is to long press the Home button on your phone.

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