Google Home Adds Multiple Calendar Support

It has taken a long time – longer than most wanted frankly – but multiple calendar support has finally arrived on Google Home.  A cloud-side update is currently rolling out to the app that will allow you to have multiple calendars associated with Google Home and thus, you will be able to create events or get calendar information from Google Assistant.

The new feature is found in More Settings>Calendar in the Home app and you will have the ability to add or remove your calendars that you have associated with Home.  Further, you have the ability to set which calendar is your default calendar.  This is important as when you create an event through Google Assistant on Home, it will go to your default (unless you specify the calendar in the command).

Keep in mind that you cannot create a new calendar in the Google Home app.  That still has to be done from the Google Calendar site.  But, once you do create a new calendar, you should see it as an option in the Home app once the feature hits your account.

The support of multiple calendars in Home is just the latest in what has been a dynamic growth year for the Google Assistant powered devices.  Functionally the devices and Assistant are more powerful than ever with further improvements always in the pipeline.  This feature, while small, is a long requested one so it is good to see Google responding to customer needs.

So long as you have the latest Google Home app on your phone, you are good-to-go.  This is a cloud-side change so once Google enabled it on your account, you will see the ability to add multiple calendars in the app.

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