Microsoft Edge for Android Gets a Dark Theme and Password Syncing

Microsoft continues to polish their Microsoft Edge browser for Android in the latest preview update.  This new update, version for those keeping score at home, is rolling out now to those who have installed it and brings a host of bug fixes and performance improvements to the browser.

Along with those bug fixes, there are a couple of new features that are noteworthy in the update.  First, there is now an option for a dark theme.  This is designed to make viewing in low light situations easier by turning the background dark.  It is similar to what the Twitter app does in low light or at night.  Unfortunately, this new feature right now requires a manual intervention.  You have to set it to the dark theme in settings.  Hopefully this will change to an auto-sensing or time-based setting before release.

The other new addition to Microsoft Edge for Android is password sync.  This feature requires that you be signed into your Microsoft account on both your Android phone’s version of Edge as well as Edge on your Windows 10 PC.  This functionality is similar to that of Google Chrome across devices.

Microsoft has not given a firm date on when Edge will go to general availability but rumors have suggested it will be sometime in early 2018.  That said, if you want to get the preview of the browser, you can do so in the Play Store.  It is free but remember that it is still beta code and may behave oddly.

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