Microsoft To-Do Update Brings Improved TalkBack Support

The Microsoft To-Do app has an important update rolling out this morning that brings a handful of fixes and improvements.  The updated build is version 1.18.40 for those keeping score at home and is primarily focused on performance improvements and bug fixes.

The biggest improvement is around TalkBack, the screen reading Accessibility feature in Android.  Users with multiple lists would not be read the list name or the correct one in the last version of the app.  That has been fixed now and you will have your list name vocalized as it should be with this update.

Reminders have also been updated to where you can now get them down to the second.  Why you would need a reminder at specific second I’m not so sure, but hey, it’s there now if you need it.

Finally, there is a fix in this update of Microsoft To-Do that had to do with the detail view of a to-do.  Sometimes the app would crash when you tried to open up the details page of the task.  That has been addressed now and shouldn’t be a problem any longer.

For those who have not tried To-Do, the app is a great app for managing reminders and tasks that fully syncs with your or Office 365 account.  If you haven’t tried it, you can do so by downloading it in the Play Store.  It is a free download but does require a Microsoft account.

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