Minor Chrome for Android Update Rolling Out Today

Chrome for Android has a new update rolling out today that brings several security fixes to the browser.  The new version is build 62.0.3202.84 for those keeping score at home and should be hitting all devices over the course of the next few days.

The update contains a number of security updates to the browser that have been identified by external sources.  While the exact details of what was addressed are not disclosed, Google did link to the GIT repository for the update on all of the changes.  The abridged version is that this update fixes some buffer overflow issues, credentials issues and invalid printer URIs being used.

Ultimately for consumers, the bottom line is that this build is going to protect you against malicious code that could compromise your phone or your data.

This update is what has become the normal “in between” update to Chrome.  The major build of Chrome 62 was release a couple of weeks ago and it has become the standard process that about 2-3 weeks later, we see a minor update which is generally focused on security fixes and bug fixes.

If you have Chrome installed on your Android phone, you should see the OTA update for this new build over the course of the next few days.

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