Minor Update Rolls Out for Chrome OS

Late yesterday, the Chrome team within Google announced that a new minor update was being released.  The new version is build 62.0.3202.82 (Platform version: 9901.66.0) and follows in the wake of a similar release for Chrome for Android yesterday.

The release notes indicate that it is rolling out now but that devices that are able to run Android apps, of which there are now plenty, will see the update later next week.

This update doesn’t bring any new features to the platform.  Rather, it is a security and bug fix update.

The release of the update mid-cycle of the major updates to Chrome OS is not new.  Google has been doing this for several months now, releasing a major build at the end of a month then early the next, releasing one of these minor security patches.  For the most part, these secondary releases don’t bring any new features but that isn’t a strict rule.

As with other updates to the platform, you can type chrome://help in the browser on your Chromebook and have it manually check for the update.  Given it is a small update, the download should take just a minute or two and once you restart your Chromebook, you will be on this new build.


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