Pocket Casts Adds PIP Support in Latest Update

The awesome podcast app Pocket Casts has a new update rolling out that Android Oreo users are going to love.  The update, version 6.4 for those keeping score at home, brings a plethora of updates, many aimed at users who have the latest version of Oreo on their devices.

The biggest Oreo feature in this update is the support for Picture-in-Picture.  Now you can start a video podcast in the app, tap your Home button and the video will be minimized to your Home screen.  There you can keep watching while doing other things on your phone or tablet.

Additionally, support for Adaptive icons and Notification channels, both Oreo features, are supported in this latest update.

If you don’t have Oreo just yet, there are still plenty of things to love about this update.  Battery and Background improvements have been made to the app as well as improved image loading and other general performance fixes.  Show notes are now updated too when they are updated by the podcast’s author.

I’ve been a big fan of Pocket Casts for years now and reviewed it in January of last year.  That review is a bit dated now, obviously, but must of what I put in that review rings true today.  It is my go-to podcast app on my Pixel XL as well as my iPad.

Pocket Casts can be found in the Play Store and it is $3.99.  I highly recommend spending the cash and getting this app if you are a regular podcast viewer/listener.  I personally think its the best one available.

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