Song Identification in Google Assistant Rolling Out

The new “What song is this?” feature of Google Assistant, which made its debut on the Pixel 2 lineup, is now starting to roll out to everyone.  Assuming you have the latest version of the Google app installed, you can now upon up Assistant and ask, “What song is this?” or you will see a button to have Assistant do it for you in the carousel.

When you start the function, you will see an audio-like bar graph at the bottom of the Google Assistant card as the song is listened to and then identified.  Once the song is identified, you will get song information including the album and artist displayed.  There are also links to YouTube and Google Play Music to listen to the track or add it to your library.

The feature has worked well in my testing of it today on my Google Pixel XL.  It was able to identify any song that I played from my Google Play Music library and most of what I was testing from YouTube music.  I tested the feature with the lounge music as well (I’m out at the Google Top Contributor Summit this week) and it was able to identify the song with a reasonable amount of background noise.

Sadly, I couldn’t get it to recognize Rammstein but it could well be, because the lyrics are in German, it couldn’t sort it out.

Anyway, give it a try.  It should be hitting your Google Assistant over the next day or two.

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