Verizon Releases Latest Security Patches for the Galaxy S6 Lineup

Verizon customers who are using the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge on the network have a new update rolling out to their phones.  The updates bring the October Android Security Update to the phones.  The Galaxy S6 will be getting updated firmware build NRD90M.G920VVRS4DQJ1 while the S6 Edge will be seeing build NRD90M.G925VVRS4DQJ1.

The updates are minor in that the only contain the Android Security Update patches for October.  There are no new features nor any other performance improvements mentioned in the respective release notes.  This isn’t surprising frankly as the S6 lineup is now well & truly in maintenance only mode.  Still, it is good to see Verizon keeping these popular mid-2015 phones going and secure.

If you have one of the phones, you will need to go to Settings and check for a software update.  As these things tend to go, the updates are being rolled out gradually so it make take a few days before it actually gets to your phone.

Once you do get notified of the update being available, it is a very small download package and after a reboot you are good-to-go.  You can expect the whole process to take less than 10 minutes to complete.

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