WordPress for Android Update Brings Google Account Login Support

For those of you who use WordPress to manage your blogs and sites, there is a new update to the Android app rolling out.  Version 8.8 of the app brings several new fixes and features, including the ability to link and login with your Google account.

If you have configured your WordPress account to work with your Google account, you have been able to log into your blogs with your Google account for a while now but not on the mobile app.  That’s changed now.  If you have your WordPress & Google accounts linked, you can log in with your Google credentials from the app.

Also in this update, the Media Browser in the app has been repurposed in the app as a media picker.  This should make finding an image for your posts a bit quicker and easier.  You can also choose your Feature image for a post from your device’s media picker.

Along with the feature changes, there are a few fixes in this update to the WordPress app.  For those on older devices, there was a bug that prevented adding pictures from the Media Browser.  That has now been fixed thanks to the repurposing of this part of the app and underlying fixes.  Also, a crash issue that happened when refreshing or editing a post has also been fixed for all users.

If you have the WordPress app installed on your phone, you can expect the update to come to your device over the course of the next few days via an OTA update.  For those who want to great a free blog on WordPress, you can download the app from the Play Store (which is free).

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