Grammarly Keyboard Makes its Way to Android

After making its debut on iOS last month, the new Grammarly Keyboard has now made its way to Android.  The new keyboard looks at the grammar used in your emails, texts and other apps to assure that you have proper spelling and grammar.

If you haven’t used Grammarly before, it is an excellent service that has been available as a Chrome extension for years.  More-or-less, this new keyboard app functions like the extension.  This new keyboard option is able to analyze your typing in any app on your phone to provide you suggestions on grammar and spelling.

When you install the Grammarly Keyboard, you will be walked through the setup process to make it your default keyboard app.  You can, of course, switch between different keyboards if you choose to do so.  Once it is setup, you will know you are using it when you see the “G” icon on the keyboard in your apps.

The keyboard and the app behind it are offered for free from Grammarly while there is a premium service option that is available online.  You can get more details about this on their website but it should be noted that for most users outside of professional writers, the free service will do the job.

To download and try the Grammarly Keyboard, download it from the Play Store.


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