Microsoft Launches Travel Guide App, Outings

Microsoft has launched an all new travel app named Outings.  The app was actually released last month by the Redmond company made no announcements about it so it went pretty much unnoticed.  That’s a shame because Outings is a really beautifully designed app.

The idea behind the app is simple:  You provide at least five topics of interest and the app will provide you suggestions for those interests.  The content is curated from various travel sites and blogs with outstanding information and photography for those locations.  Once you find one of interest, you can save it or you can indicate that you have been to that location.

Outings also allows you to look more locally for your topics of interest too.  You can set a radius of 10-200 miles for things that are of interest to you so you can plan that weekend trip or even a day trip to go explore.  You can also do a map view to see the interesting areas that are close to you.

The app is beautifully designed and navigation is done via swipes and taps and it is well worth giving it a look if you are looking for inspiration for areas to explore.  It is free and you can download it in the Play Store.

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