SwiftKey Update Brings New Quick Paste Feature

Microsoft has released a new update to their SwiftKey keyboard app for Android.  The new build brings a handful of new features including a new Quick Paste feature.  This new feature allows you to copy text from your screen and it will be available to you in your prediction bar at the top of the keyboard.  This makes pasting that copied text quick and easy.

Along with the new Quick Paste feature, support for seven new languages are in this update.  Those languages are Chamorro, Ju|’hoan, Lisu, Palauan, Piedmontese, Sardinian & Scots.  Related to this, there are also new layouts available for Naratgul and VEGA

Finally, Microsoft has made some improvements to SwiftKey’s accessibility features.  Specifically, the app has now been adjusted to make it easier to long press when using explore by touch.

SwiftKey remains one of the more popular keyboard apps available for Android and was one of the first to have swipe typing.   It also has a significant number of themes to set to your liking and all of those themes are now free in the app (you’ll need to download them to your phone).

If you want to try out the app, it is a free download and available in the Play Store.

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