Essential Phone Camera App Update Brings Many Welcomed Improvements

The camera app for the Essential Phone has a new update rolling out in the Play Store that brings a lot of new features and improvements.  The company announced the new camera app build on Twitter a couple of days ago.

If you have an Essential Phone, the app update is now live in the Play Store.

The update will be a welcome update to Essential owners.  Generally the biggest complaint about the device has been its camera and the camera app.  The company has made big strides in improving the camera through firmware and software updates, including this one.

Initial reports of those who have indeed installed this new build report a much more stable app experience with improved overall quality of the app and photos.

If you have an Essential Phone, look for the update to be coming to your Google Play account over the course of the next few days.  Remember, while the app is listed in the play store, if you do not have this phone, you won’t be able to install it.

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