Google Assistant Directory of Actions Now Online

As Google Assistant has grown in capabilities, both natively as well as integration from developer and manufactures, sorting out what Assistant can do has become increasingly challenging.  I have several friends who have Google Home and when they ask me if Assistant can do this or that, my default answer to this point has been, “I don’t know.  Just ask it and let’s see if it can do it.”  Now that is going to change.

Google has turned on a new Google Assistant actions page which, in one location, shows you all of the actions that Assistant can perform.  You will see the over 1 million actions that can be done natively or through 3rd party integrations.

The page highlights at the top various integrations from partners like WeMo, LG and Nest.  On the left side of the page, you will see a directory that is divided into various categories like Local, Food & Drink, Productivity and other sections.  Clicking on these will give you specific actions that can be done for that type of activity.  There is, of course, a search option as well so you can search by keywords to find what you are looking for in the directory.

Google Assistant Actions Directory

Google Assistant Actions Directory

The new Google Assistant actions page is a long time coming and should make it much easier to figure out what Assistant can do on your phone, on your Google Home or in your car.  I highly recommend readers bookmark it as it will be continually updated and is a great resource.

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