Google Assistant Support Coming to Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Lineup

Home deadbolt and locking manufacture Schlage has announced that Google Assistant support will be coming to their range of Sense Smart deadbolts in the coming months.  It will allow owners of the locks to use Assistant via their phone or Google Home devices to lock or unlock the deadbolt on their homes.

The integration with the Schlage locks and Google Assistant will also allow users to check if they locked the deadbolt.  Using voice commands, they can ask Assistant if the deadbolt is locked and, if it is not, will be prompted on if they want to lock it.  This can be done both inside the house as well as outside.  The idea being, if you were in a rush to get to the office in the morning and can’t remember if you locked the front door, you will be able to ask Assistant if you did and lock it remotely.

Schlage has had a range of IoT smart locks for a few years now and they already have Amazon Alexa integration in some of them.  The addition of Google Assistant will give owners who prefer the Google solution to be able to take advantage of it.  The Schlage dedicated Android app will continue to be available as well.

There is no defined timeline on when the integration will be completed but if other IoT integrations are an indicator, it will probably be out at some point this quarter.

If you are interested in the Schlage Sense Smart deadbolts, they can be found at a wide range of retailers including Amazon.

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