Google Bringing Accessibility Improvements to Sheets, Slides and Drawings

Google has begun the process of rolling out several accessibility updates to Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Drawings.  The updates are all for the web-based versions of these G Suite solutions and are cloud-side changes that will be rolling out to all accounts over the course of the next couple of weeks.

First, Braille support has been added to Google Sheets.  Joining support that is already in Docs and Slides, within Sheets you will be able to use a Braille display to read and edit cell content as well as navigate between cells on a sheet.  Initially support for this will only be available on Chrome OS with the ChromeBox screen reader.  Google indicated in the release notes that they are working on support for other platforms and readers.

Secondly, the screen magnifier is now supported in Google Slides and Google Drawings.  This was recently added to Docs and Sheets so Google is more or less completing the set of apps to support the magnifier.  Also, note that the magnifier works in all the apps on Chrome OS or on Mac.  Windows is currently not supported.

As mentioned, this is a cloud-side change from Google so users won’t need to do anything on their end.  Once the features roll out to your account or G Suite domain, you will be able to take advantage of them.

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