Google Photos Update Brings Improved Notifications for Photo Books

A new update to the Google Photos app is now rolling out in the Play Store, bringing several tweaks and enhancements to the photo storage app.  The update is version 3.13 for those keeping score at home.  One of the first changes you will notice is around Photo Books.  In this update, you can now get much more granular around book notifications, your draft photo books and promotions being offered.  Previously these were on by default.

There is also a new Share Back feature.  This works when you have an album shared with you in Google Photos.  In the overflow menu, you have the option to share back to that person immediately.  This will be a great feature for friends who want to share albums together.  For family members, it is still recommend you use the Partner Account sharing feature.

If you take motion pictures (from burst photos), when you do a search within Photos, you will now see that as a search result.  This will make it far easier to find these GIF images that are created from your burst photos and turned into a Motion Photo.

As usual, there are other bug fixes and stability improvements to the Photos app so even if these new features aren’t that big of a deal to you, go ahead and get the update when it comes to your device.

Remember that if you need help with Google Photos, head over to the Photos product forum for help.  There you will find Google Top Contributors, like me, there to help answer your questions.

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