Google Play Games Update Makes The App Actually Useful

The Google Play Games app for Android has an update rolling out that brings a fresh look to the gaming hub and a much improved way of finding your games that you have installed or have purchased/played in the past.  The new build is version 5.3 for those keeping score at home (pardon the pun) and should be coming to everyone over the course of the next few days via an OTA update.

The first thing you’ll notice after the update is the game carousel.  Here you can swipe to find games that Google has built into the app like Cricket, Pac-Man and Solitaire but also games that you have installed on your phone.  If you want to play any of these games, simply tap the Play button below them and off you go.

Secondly, you can swipe up on the display in Google Play Games to view your games library.  Here you will see the games you have installed in a list form as well as games you have played or purchased in the past but do not currently have installed on your phone.  This is a much quicker way to find a title that you haven’t played in a while and want to reinstall rather than searching the Play Store itself.

Google Play Games for Android

Google Play Games for Android

Like before, you can tap on your avatar in the app to see your XP score and other profile information.


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