Google Trips Update Brings Video and Blogger Content to Sites

Google Trips, the travel planning app that lets you have all your travel information in one place, as a handy update that is rolling out today.  The update is version 1.6 for those keeping score at home.  Aside from the normal smattering of bug fixes and performance improvements, there is now video content from YouTube and Blogger content when you visit a particular thing to do in a location.

To get to this new content, select an upcoming trip you already have in Google Trips or search for a new city, say New York City.  Once you are on the city page, tap on the blue “Things to do” block which will bring up various sites and places to go while you are in New York.  When you tap on one of those places, you will now see videos from YouTube and Blogger content in the new “from around the web” section.

The additional information is aimed to give you more content to help you determine if you want to go to that museum, botanical garden or historical site.  Further, it gives you crowdsourced information to help you with that decision.

Videos on Places in Google Trips

Videos on Places in Google Trips

Google Trips hasn’t had the smoothest ride as apps go but it is overall a solid app that I encourage readers to try.  It can help you organize your travel information in one place and ties in nicely with Google Maps and reservations you receive in your Gmail account.  It is a free app in the Play Store.

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