Microsoft Bing for Android Update Brings Improved In-App Browser Experience

Microsoft Bing has a new update rolling out for Android users that brings an improved in-app browser experience along with a handful of other tweaks & improvements.  The new build is version 8.1.26158908 for those keeping score at home.

The biggest change in this new build is the improvements around in-app browsing.  Generally the entire experience is better but video and image viewing is better along with easier tab navigation and the ability to find text on a page.

You’ll also find in this update to Microsoft Bing that maps have improved as well as local answers.  These improvements should make it easier to find information about local events or news within the app but your mileage will vary based on your area.  For my small village in the mountains of Colorado for example, I didn’t see much of a change from the previous version of Bing.  However, if I search for information in Denver, it is much more robust.

Aside from the tweaks and new features, you’ll find that overall Bing has improved in speed and general performance.

The update has been released to the Play Store so if you have Microsoft Bing installed, you should see the OTA update to this new build over the course of the next few days.  If you want to try out the search and information app, it is a free download.
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