Microsoft Edge for Android Expands Global Availability

Microsoft’s Sean Lyndersay took to Twitter a couple of days ago to let users of Microsoft Edge, the mobile browser for Android and iOS, has expanded to several new countries as far as availability.

The news is great for those who like Edge on their devices, especially those that are using Windows 10 on the desktop where you have cross-platform benefits like bookmark and password syncing.

Both Apple and Google, as well as developers, can restrict what regional versions of their app stores have a particular app.  Sometimes this is for legal reason (a country may not let a particular type of app in their country) but often it is due to localization of languages and other things that prevent it from becoming globally available.  In the case of Microsoft Edge, it has been a bit of a slow roll for the browser as Microsoft has continued to tweak and develop the app for both Android and iOS.

For Android, Edge has been a very popular browser alternative, probably more so than anyone expected.  Having tried it out multiple time, it is a solid browser alternative to Chrome, especially for those of you who use Windows 10 and want the benefits that having a the same browser on multiple devices brings to you.

If you want to try it out, it is a free download in the Play Store.

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