Netflix Now Supports Google Assistant Voice Match

In an unannounced updated, Google and Netflix have been partnering to give Voice Match support to the streaming service when using Google Assistant.  With Voice Match you can now have your Netflix profile linked to your voice for your personalized content on the service when you invoke it from Assistant.

Voice Match is aimed at personalizing information for you when you interact with Google Assistant.  For example, if I speak to Assistant through my Google Home, I will get my personal information (like my calendar) while if my wife speaks to it, she gets her personalized information.  Think of this addition to Netflix as an extension of that same service.

Setting up the personalization is pretty easy.  If you go to the Google Home app on your phone, tap on Settings then the Video & Photos section.  There, next to Netflix, you will see a Manage Profile option.  Tap it and select your profile.

Google has updated the associated support page with Google Home and points out that profiles for Netflix are now supported by Assistant.

The addition of Voice Match through an attached service is an exciting development and something Google clearly wants to see their partners doing more of in the future.  Wouldn’t it be great to see the likes of Spotify support Voice Match or even Google Play Music for example?

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