A New Chrome OS Commit Points to Android App Split Screen Resizing Support

As Android app support continues to grow and develop in Chrome OS, a new commit suggest that it is about to get even better.  The new commit points to Android app being able to be resized while in split screen support.  Split screen support is is currently in the Dev channel and it will likely be a few months before we see it in the Stable channel.   This new feature would allow for resizing of the apps when you are in split screen mode.

With this new feature, you would be able to control the overall screen real estate that an Android app takes up on your Chromebook specifically when it is in tablet mode.  Right now, everything automatically gets kicked into full screen mode.

This feels like a natural evolution of Android app support in Chrome OS.  With the improvements coming in the next major update that supports Android apps continuing to run in the background, the ability to split screen & resize those splits is another step forward in making the platform truly agnostic towards Chrome native apps and Android apps.

As with the commits I post on, there is no timeline on when – or if – this will actually make to the stable channel.  Hopefully it’ll be in the next few major releases but don’t hold your breath just yet.

If you are curious how the split screen feature works in the Dev channel, the team over at Chrome Unboxed as put together a great little video demoing it.


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