Nextbit Robin Cloud Storage Shutting Down March 1st

The final supported feature of the Nextbit Robin will be going away March 1st.  The Nextbit Cloud storage solution offered Robin owners 100GB of storage online to keep older apps and files just a tap away.  This was offered over an expansion slot on the device, which came with 32GB of storage.  The idea was simple:  Apps you don’t use a lot and their associated data would be moved to the cloud and the icon for them would be grayed out on your Robin.  If you needed them again, just tap the icon and it would be restored with all its data to the phone.

Now that is going away as part of Razer’s acquisition of Nextbit last year.  Owners were notified yesterday of the impending turn down of the cloud storage service with all users being automatically signed out on March 1st.

If you are still using a Robin and have any data in the cloud storage solution of the phone, you will need to make sure you get it prior to March 1st.  After that it will be inaccessible.

Syncing to the service will cease next week, January 15th.

This latest shuttering of a part of Nextbit is not a surprise.  Warranty support ended months ago and what was likely the last update for the Robin was issued last year.  If you are still using the phone as your primary, good on ya but keep these things in mind.  It may be time to start considering another, more up-to-date phone.

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