Chrome 64 for Android Shortens Unwieldily Long URLs When You Share Them

In the latest stable channel build for Android, Chrome 64, there is a new automatic URL shorter for those long, unwieldily URLs from shopping sites and other locations.  The new feature was uncovered by the team over at Android Police and should make sharing of URLs a little bit easier.

The new feature is used when you use the Share feature in Chrome for Android.  When you share a URL or copy it to the clipboard, a smaller version of the URL copied.  You can then share it with whatever apps or contacts as you would normally.

This will be particularly handy on shopping sites like Amazon, eBay and others, which have long, cryptic URLs for specific products on their sites.  It should be noted that this new shortening feature only works if you use the share menu option.  If you simply copy the URL from the ominbar in the browser, you will get the full URL – which can be handy too.  You have a choice on which one you want to use.

If you have Chrome 64 on your Android phone, you have this feature now and there is nothing you need to change or configure in the browser app.  The new feature is enabled by default.

Source:  Android Police

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