Chrome for Android Beta Update Brings Chrome 65

Google has released a new beta of Chrome for Android today in the Play Store.  The new build is version 65.0.3325.53, bringing the mobile browser up to the Chrome 65 version of the browser.  The build is mostly a bug fix and building upon the current stable build of the browser.

As the name suggests, this new build of Chrome for Android is beta and while anyone can get the beta from the Play Store, it is recommended that it not be your primary browser.  It can crash and there will likely still be bugs to be addressed.  If you can live with that however, and need to do some testing, give it a try.

Generally the plans for Chrome 65 across all platforms is to continue to crack down on rogue code and extensions while improving on the overall security and stability of the platform.  Specifically for Android, according to the log, we should see improved full screen viewing.

As usual, it isn’t clear when Chrome 65 will be coming to Android or to any other platform for that matter.  It is currently in the Dev Channel on Chrome OS which suggests it will still be another month or so before we see it.  Generally, Google likes to release the same build trains for all platforms within a few days of each other.

If you want to give the beta a try, head over to the Play Store to download it.

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