Chrome OS Beta Channel Sees A Third Chrome 64 Based Update

The Chrome OS Beta Channel has a new Chrome 64 based update rolling out, its third overall in the 64 train and second update in less than a week.  The new version is build 64.0.3282.134 (Platform version: 10176.65.0) and is rolling out now.  If you are in the Beta Channel, you can force the update by typing chrome://help in the browser’s omnibar and checking for an update.

As you would expect, this new build is a bug fix release as the Chromium team gets feedback from testers and preps the build for general availability in the Stable channel.  There are no new features according to the release log.

It is unlikely that this is the last beta we will see for Chrome 64 for Chrome OS.  One of the fixes in this updated build is a work around for a bug that is impacting the platform.  The bug specifically deals with time collisions when a new cookie is created.  This build doesn’t have a permanent fix for the issue.  That said, if the work around is stable enough, it is possible it could make it to the Stable channel.

There is still no timeline for when we will see Chrome 64 on the stable channel but it should be sometime in February all things being equal.  Remember, unless you are testing it is not recommended that the beta build be used in production.

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