Google Files Go Update Adds Backup to Google Drive Feature

The Google Files Go app, part of the Android Go app series and a solid storage management tool for any device, has a small update rolling out that brings a nice new feature.  With version 1.0.185922376 of the app, you can no select files on your phone to back up to Google Drive.

The new feature is located off of the Files tab in the Files Go app and works on anything in your Downloads folder as well as images, videos, audio files, and documents.  All you have to do is use the down carrot to open the menu for a particular file and you will see an option to upload the file to your Google Drive account.

While a sizable number of apps can access Google Drive directly, adding this feature to File Go makes it easier for those who want to manage files on their phone without having to jump from app-to-app.

Google Drive Backup in File Go

Google Drive Backup in Files Go

The Android Go program is going to get fully launched at MWC this week with Google expected to show off devices that are in the program.  One thing is for sure, these low costs devices already have a great set of apps from Google to support them and with this update to Files Go, it is clear they plan on adding features to them along the way.

If you want to try out Google Files Go for yourself, you can get it free in the Play Store.

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