Google Release The February 2018 Android Security Update Patches

Google has just released the February Android Security Update patches for the Pixel and Nexus lineup.  Traditionally, Google releases the patches on the Monday of the first full week of each month (barring a holiday falling on Monday) so today’s release was somewhat expected.

All told, the updates this month are pretty small when it comes to patching vulnerabilities within Android.  It does consist of two patches, one dated January 1 with the second dated the 5th.  Google devices will receive the second patch when the OTA updates are released.

In the first patch, there are a total of 8 fixes in the patch with two of them marked as critical.  As usual, this update tends to deal more with Android itself and is the one most manufactures will base their own patches on when they are released.

The second patch deals with more device and driver specific issues.  In that patch, there are 19 fixes with two of them marked as critical.

For those that are interested, you can read the entire security bulletin on what was specifically fixed in the patches on the Android Security site.

The OTA and full factory images are now live for the February Android Security Update as well, meaning that those that want to sideload the new patch can do so.  If you want to wait for the OTA and have a Pixel or Nexus device, you should start seeing the update over the next few days but it can take up to a week for it to get to everyone.

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