LG V30S is a V30 With More RAM and Artificial Intelligence

If there was ever a proof point that LG’s mobile division is in trouble or at the very least in disarray, look no further than the LG V30S ThinQ.  The company announced this enhanced version of the LG V30 at Mobile World Congress and I use enhanced very liberally.  Basically it is a V30 with 6GB of RAM (instead of 4GB) and has a base storage of 128GB (up from 64GB).  Throw in a little Artificial Intelligence for improved photos and Android Oreo and badabing!  You have a LG V30S.

Spec wise, the V30S is identical to the V30 so you aren’t going to get any improvements as far as the SoC is concerned.  It is still running the Snapdragon 835.  It has the same display, same chassis design… same everything.  You get the idea.

What LG has done is add AI Cam to the phone.  This Artificial Intelligence engine looks at what you are taking a photo of and determines the best shooting mode for that particular subject.  They have also added a Google Lens like feature, QLens, which gives you plays to buy that QR code you scanned or what you have captured with the QLens feature.

The takeaway from the LG V30S is why bother with new hardware?  Fundamentally, the only difference between the 30S and the older 30 is the software.  Why not simply update the V30 to support these new features?  Sure they have a couple of new color options but is that enough to compel anyone to buy this phone?

Pricing of the new V30S was not disclosed and it is unclear which carriers will be picking it up when it is available next month.

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