Microsoft Azure Turns 8 Today

Microsoft Azure, the cloud computing solution from the Redmond, Washington company turns 8 years old today and is in the middle of a significant growth spurt.  The solution was officially launched in 2010 and is a combination of Windows and Linux computing power with client-based SDKs that can be used to access the solution.

Although it started with humble beginnings, Azure has been growing rapidly.  It is now just shy of being a $29 Billion part of Microsoft’s overall revenue.  While Azure doesn’t get as much limelight as Google Cloud Platform or even Amazon’s AWS, it is a powerful and robust cloud solution for enterprises.

A driving force behind the success of Microsoft Azure has been the leadership at Microsoft, specifically CEO Satya Nadella.  Pushing a cloud centric and mobile centric directive throughout the company, the leadership of the company made some big bets on both, with some, like Azure, paying off.

If you are looking for an enterprise cloud solution, you can try out Azure for free.  Within the cloud computing solution you will find virtual machines, both Windows and Linux based, Managed Storage and SQL database access to name just a few of the services offered.  Like other cloud computing solutions, you only pay for the cycles used or storage used per month.

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